Interior design of my home in Karkur. 

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As someone who comes from fashion and well aware of its upheavals, I made a substantial and principled decision to design my home from a place attentive to what I love, in the spirit of things that are always exciting and pleasant to me even if they were not in fashion at the time.

Another decision was to look the location, the vegetation and the landscape around it and communicate with them in a way of design.

As so, the aluminum color was chosen matched the color of the mountains that were visible away from the windows, a rustic but clean and bright kitchen was chosen to combined with a light blue cabinet with a sliding door key, which gives a light and pleasant feeling.

The doors were made by a carpenter, and wooden strips were attached to them giving them the right spirit for the place. They were painted cream, like the color of the walls and cabinets of the house. The front door was also made based on a sketch and painted blue.

The house is surrounded by a garden that reflects the changing seasons, with leafy leaves falling in autumn, with rustling steps as they pass through the garden, flowers blooming and leaves sprouting with the arrival of spring, fruit trees inviting to pick, sitting on one of the steps around the house to eat from the fruit. The birds chirp among its branches, butterflies flying in a charming whirl. A breathable garden, in which a fruit or a noble flower, which has fallen on a path do not constitute dirt, but sheer beauty.


Kitchen and dinning hall

Living room

Studio, bathroom, top floor

The garden

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