Home Styling

Interior design through a meeting of several hours in which I reposition the various functions in the space - living room, work areas, TV, etc. while organizing the space by correctly placing the various items and functions.

If necessary, color change instructions and various purchases to complete the overall look.

It is amazing to see how by a few hours it is possible to create such a big change in the look and atmosphere of the home, and to influence the day-to-day with a relatively small effort and not a high cost.  

 "Action and talk and a lot of watching. And in the end : we have a new living room, a new play and reading area and a room, where three children live and each has his own corner. We went into the house and we did not want to go out.
We did not buy anything new! We just moved, gained space, rehang pictures, unfolded a rug, and everything changed. "

Full interior Design for an existing house

Design of a specific space - kitchen, bathrooms, etc. ", up to a general design of the entire house while reorganizing the interior space and its functions.

Complete furniture design for the house in accordance with the new organization of the interior space.

Re-location of the various spaces - moving walls, windows that open. Paints, various claddings, developers, flooring, windows, doors, various materials and design.

Work plans preparation for various professionals - carpenter, aluminum professional, electrician, etc.

Planning and design in collaboration with an architect, from the planning or skeleton stage 

Accompanying the work from the planning stage - interior and exterior, in front of the existing architect or architect that works with me, extracting the architectural design of the house, taking into account the needs, lifestyle, desired style, unique details, desired spaces and character, until a final plan for work.

Array of furniture, design and selection of aluminum, paints, windows, doors, flooring, various claddings, adjustment and accuracy of electrical plans, lighting, plumbing and air conditioning in accordance with the general design.

Planning and design - kitchen, the various bathrooms, living spaces, including plans for the various professionals, a selection of finishing materials - flooring, cladding, and other elements, choice of interior and exterior colors and finishing materials.

Addressing all design and functional aspects with an overall view of the house - interior and exterior, which in the end create a beautiful, functional home that is pleasant to live in.

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