Like a white cube hovering over the beach of Tel Aviv, 

A complete renovation of a vacation apartment in tower above the promenade of Tel Aviv, for a New York family, parents and three adult children.

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The apartment, 127 sqm, is located on the 13th floor of a tower with windows overlooking one side of the urban side of Tel Aviv and the other direction to the sea and the promenade.

In the first meeting with the tenants, I saw an apartment which had a yellowish marble flooring, cream-colored diagonal walls, green aluminum windows, a tiny wooden kitchen and a living room furnished with dark sofas and furniture, located on the side in front of a large screen TV.

The clients asked me to design their apartment so that it would feel at home when they arrived in the country, and would be used by them for vacation and leisure alongside a corner for work and options of stay and hospitality.

At that first meeting I saw the special light in the apartment, the colorfulness and lightness that comes from the sea, and from there came the design vision - an apartment that is like a white cube, like a gallery lit by spots - bright space flooded with light, quality furniture, light and relaxed. Overlooking the large windows of the central space. 

I built a color palette consisting of shades of white, linen and light wood, and greenish colors that will blend in with the green replacement frames, which are an integral part of the apartment, the sand and they are reflected through, combining silver stainless steel items, matte depth and sophistication of matte and glossy.

A variety of delicate textures and natural and light materials, as well as textiles in different textures soften and refine everything.

I imagined the apartment used by the tenants on their vacation, for a first cup of coffee in the morning, in front of the window overlooking the waking city. On the way down to the beach and back from there for a shower and rest, on the way out to the city for dinner and entertainment and back relaxed for a glass of wine on the tiny terrace overlooking the sea.

The renovation included dismantling of all the walls , and a redefinition of the spaces, in order to create the same bright and bright cube that was discussed at the first meeting. 

The ceilings were raised and straightened, and a smooth concrete-like floor was laid in a shade of light-colored halva, which gives a natural and pleasant feeling of material. And the porch was laid thin and light bamboo.

I designed a wide, open space with the living room floating in the center like an island, and the various functions around it. A bright kitchen that has a brushed stainless steel seating counter in front of the urban landscape, which creates an experience of sitting in a cafe, and also allows for an additional work surface that expands the kitchen's work and storage area. To his left, between the two large windows, I designed a tool library, which adds character, materiality and color.

I designed the bathrooms in a spa atmosphere, a colorful color that echoes seashells, the whiteness of the sand, and the greenery of the windows and the water.

I designed many items especially for this apartment that were made by excellent dedicated professionals such as bathroom cabinets and the work table made of three-layer natural bamboo, which emphasizes the feeling of materiality and lightness. The lighting fixtures, handles and mirrors in the bathrooms made of brass, the sinks and the bathroom, which are specially cast from concrete that is a shade of greenish that connects to the colorful language of the apartment, add a strong character and sense of materiality. The stainless steel counter on the wheels in the kitchen, the tool library in the dining area, which combines metal and bleached bamboo shelves, the interior doors, the kitchen and the cabinets, all according to the initial drawing .

The apartment was dressed in a collection of furniture, with an emphasis on quality, brightness and lightness, handmade tools, textiles and various art items, with created sense depth and elegant comfort that invites for a stay and hospitality experience.

I had an exciting and important time incorporating many items from great local designers and creators

And especially exciting to see my artwork blend into the overall harmony.

Photos: Gilad Redt


Gilad Radat

Roni Loria

Dalit shahar


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